Our human-friendly license.


We know we aren’t the only people with good ideas for entertainment apps, so we’re releasing our API to empower developers who want to make search, sharing, and discovery easy for fans everywhere. Likewise, we’ve done our best to make development easy for you with friendly docs, helpful SDKs, and an open-minded approach to the endless possibilities of partner applications.

These are not the full terms. Before using The Entertainment Graph, you should read our full terms of use.

Be Thoughtful

Before you build an app you will need to read and accept the terms of use. In general, we ask developers to apply common sense to their projects in a reasonable and proactive, “think before you do” way. If something seems like it might be wrong, ask first by emailing us. Please don’t use our API to promote or expose piracy, pornography, hate, or malicious software. Don’t do anything illegal with our API and be mindful of community resources. You can help us keep server costs low by managing your requests to avoid abusive or excessive calls.

Credit & Commercial Use

We want your apps to look good— so our attribution requirements don’t include a specific badge or logo. We require partners to display “Powered by The Entertainment Graph” on every page or screen that includes our data in a readable font no smaller than 10 points or 13 pixels. This copy must link to Color and styling are up to you, as long as it remains legible to a reasonable person. For more details, read our Branding Guidelines. Also, don’t monetize your app or use our API commercially without contacting us first.

Your Access Is for You

Don’t sell, share, sublicense, lease, or transfer the API, data, or access to the API. Your API credentials are just for you, so please keep them secure. Don’t post or share your access key with anyone. Please discuss plans for data caching with us in advance and educate everyone who is working on your project about these terms.