Hound Query Language

Hound Query Language

MediaHound's language for shaping your question, as well as the types of information you get back.

What is it?

HQL, or the "Hound Query Language," is the MediaHound API query language, developed to allow you to ask complex and interesting questions of our data, and to get a response with a level of detail that matches your needs. By mixing and matching elements of the language, you can do things like:

  • Get Movie and TV recommendations for a User.
  • Get recommendations for content and filter them to targeted Sources.
  • For a Movie (or other Content type), get all of it's Contributors, Images, Key Traits, and places where you can watch it, all in a single request.
  • Find meaningful Graph Lenses that entice your Users like "Sci-Fi Comedies Set in Space"

Important Details

  • HQL is written as JSON, and sent to the applicable Endpoints (Relate, Explore, and Lookup) as the POST body.
  • Anywhere an ID field is referenced, MHIDs, AltIDs, Aliases, and MSIs are supported. See IDs & MSIs for more information.