Client SDKs


The JavaScript SDK.

What is HoundJS?

HoundJS is the JavaScript SDK for accessing The Entertainment Graph through MediaHound's API. Search for Media content across movies, books, games, TV, and more. Discover relationships across Media via Traits and Contributors. HoundJS is a fast and easy SDK that lets you enhance your Node and browser projects with access to an entire world of entertainment content.

Install HoundJS

npm install --save houndjs
# or
yarn add houndjs


HoundJS is supported both in the browser and in node.

Support Links

MediaHound.comHomepage for MediaHound.
@MediaHoundFollow MediaHound on Twitter.
BlogThe MediaHound blog.
The Entertainment GraphDeveloper Portal
ChangelogView changes introduced in each HoundJS version.

Example Project

If you want to explore a sample project, you can check out HoundCLI and grab the source code.

HoundCLI demonstrates many features like Application OAuth, Search, and sources.


HoundJS is available under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.